Moray Gallery

Michael Haggie

As an artist, I am depicting the viewer and the viewed object. The context is in a semi museum or gallery but in some cases in this drawing series, people are lying down next to the classical objects. 

These objects be they sculptures or heads of small votive bronze figures are all from the greater classical time of Archaic Greece or the classical period. Some figures are from the Etruscan period in Italy.

I am fascinated by the art of this great period. I visited Greece and Italy as a a young art student in the late 1970s. I knew that what I was seeing and drawing, was the backbone of Western art. These works still inform us of our Western heritage hence the title of this series Classical Remains.

These objects are magical and are still very potent and they stimulate me to put them into a contemporary frame. I reframe photography from luxurious women’s and men’s attire magazines where I like the idea of design and designer clothes as rarefied items can be contrasted with these ancient art pieces. Instead of gazing out at us, many of my heads are engrossed and occupied with the classical art.

I was born in 1956 in Mosgiel in a strong Catholic community and family. I was educated at Roman Catholic schools. I attended Otago Polytechnic School of Fine Arts 1974-76. I was awarded the David Con Hutton Travelling Scholarship and I travelled to Leicester Polytechnic England to study various disciplines there for a year. I traveled extensively in Italy and Greece. I returned to live in Dunedin and went to Whanganui to base there with my wife and family of two daughters. I continued to paint, draw and have regular exhibitions around New Zealand. I am particularly keen to renew ties with Dunedin.


Youth with Greek bronze winged head of Hypnos $695.00 Boy and Greek bronze head (Charioteer) $695.00